About us

Cottage Pre-school is based at St Mary’s Social Centre, Lewes. We have use of a spacious indoor hall as well as a secure outdoor play area.

During each session, children can select from a wide variety of activities including:

  • role play
  • messy play
  • sand and water
  • well-stocked book corner
  • computer/ICT
  • creative play
  • physical play (e.g. parachute games, music and movement)

Staff adapt the activities provided on a daily basis to reflect each child’s needs and preferences.

Our private outdoor area consists of a large patio area, outdoor sandpit, raised flower beds, a grassy bank area and large physical play equipment on a woodchip surface. We aim to use this garden area daily whatever the weather to extend the children’s learning.

There is a large, convenient car park on site which parents and carers can use.