Local Offer SEND

January 2017


We identify children with special educational needs in the following ways:

  • In depth discussions with each child’s parents/carers before and/or during the settling-in process to establish the child’s individual needs. We will also look at any Learning Journeys and/or progress updates such the Two Year Old check from previous settings. If a child is attending an additional setting we will contact them to discuss the child’s progress/needs.
  • Key Person system in place, so that every child has a staff member assigned to them to observe and support their learning and development.
  • We carefully observe the children from the day they join us and we use the Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage document to assess and monitor their progress.
  • Experienced and well qualified staff
  • Close partnerships with external support such as the Speech and Language team
  • Regular progress updates sent home to parents (every six weeks), indicating areas of learning in which staff will focus (- child’s ‘Next Steps’) with ways for parents to support this learning at home.
  • Opportunities available on a daily basis for parents to speak to staff about how their child is progressing. Formal meetings with individual Key Persons can be arranged.
  • Children’s Learning Journeys always available for parents to view


We will support your child in the following ways:

  • The pre-school is set in a large spacious hall with a large accessible outside area. Our setting is ‘pack away’ allowing us the freedom to arrange it’s layout sensitively and to cater to each child’s individual needs on a daily basis. Equipment and resources reflect children’s individual needs and where not available staff will endeavour to resource them.
  • Our SENCO will work closely with you and the other staff to make sure your child’s needs are met and to explain to you what we are doing and the progress he/she is making. This will be in the form of a Setting Based Support Plan (SBSP).
  • Familiar and consistent staffing – all children in one main room enables all staff to build bonds with every child and be able to support each other
  • We regularly update our training and will attend additional training to familiarise ourselves with a specific condition
  • All our staff have paediatric first aid training.


Our curriculum will match your child’s needs by:

  • Working with a child led approach
  • Staff closely observe children’s interests and schemes of play and plan daily to provide activities and resources to reflect these
  • Daily adult led ‘focus’ activities support children’s ‘next steps’
  • The use of Home/Setting contact books on a weekly basis allows continuous flow between staff and parents so that we are always up to date on what children are doing/interested in out of the pre-school environment
  • Regular opportunities for parent feedback such as questionnaires and feedback forms give the staff an opportunity to monitor the provision we are providing


How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me support my child’s learning?

  • Parents notice board will give information about the focus for learning each week and the story/songs children are learning
  • Parents will be given suggestions on how they can support their child’s learning through Home/Setting Link books and by the six weekly progress updates
  • Progress updates will clearly indicate which age range your child is currently working within and key persons will be available to discuss this in more detail if parents wish.
  • Links are made to The Early Years Foundation Stage throughout individual Learning Journeys and more information is available to parents if requested
  • Overall progress for all children will be tracked to make sure all children are making progress at the expected rate across the curriculum. Where gaps are highlighted staff will review the provision they are providing,


What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing?

  • The care and safety of the children in our setting is paramount and all our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed
  • We follow the guidelines for safer recruitment and all staff have DBS documentation
  • All the staff are familiar to the children as we play together in one main room
  • Good staff to child ratios- 1:8 – 3-5year olds / 1:4 – 2year olds
  • Flexibility with choice of sessions means parents can choose quieter mornings if more suited to the child
  • Close links to feeder schools and nurseries makes transition periods easier for both child and parent
  • Good relationships with local child minders
  • Behavioural expectations are gently reinforced by all staff
  • Sensitive settling in period to support both child and parent


What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the early years setting?

  • We access local authority support wherever possible
  • We attend training for specific needs as appropriate


What training are the staff, supporting children with SEND, had or are having?

  • There is a qualified SENCO working in the setting on a daily basis who regularly attends inclusion support groups with the Early Years Service ESCC.
  • Some staff have attended Makaton training.
  • All staff have completed safeguarding and child protection training.
  • Some staff are attending training in English as an additional language.


How will my child be included in activities outside the early years setting including trips?

  • A close working relationship with all parents ensures we discuss needs and provide inclusive activities both in and out of Pre-school for all children
  • Risk assessments will ensure location is suitable for all children


How accessible is the early year’s environment?

  • Both indoor and outdoor spaces are large and wheelchair accessible
  • Raised flowerbeds in garden area make exploring the world an enjoyable experience for all
  • Separate accessible toilet in main room
  • Visual timetables used by all staff on a daily basis
  • We will access training to support particular needs
  • Additional equipment/resources will be sought if not already available


How will the early years setting prepare and support my child to join the early years setting, transfer to a new setting /school?

  • Staff are sensitive to the individual needs of all children and their families and so support a gradual settling in process where necessary. Parents will stay for the first session and meet with the child’s key person to discuss the child’s needs. During this session staff will introduce themselves to the child and inform parents about how the settings’ day runs.
  • The pre-school has close links to the local feeder schools and nurseries and arranges visits with them in the lead up to children moving on. Some teachers visit our setting.
  • There will be individual activities planned to support the child with any concerns they may have. Books and resources may be chosen and provided to support this also.


How are the early years setting’s resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?

  • Funding would be sought through the local authority
  • Bursary funding would be sought to fund any additional staff members needed for children requiring one to one support
  • The pre-school receives government funding for all eligible two, three and four year olds.


How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

  • The setting’s SENCO would contact the East Sussex Children and Young People’s trust for advice. Decisions would be made in respect of the child’s individual needs. Parent’s would be informed at all times during this process


How are parents involved in the early year’s setting? How can I be involved?

  • Parents are welcome at all times to join us in the setting. We encourage parents to come in to read a story to the children at story time; to help with a particular activity such as art and craft or to share something interesting, such as an instrument they play or to tell the children about the job they do!
  • Six weekly ‘open morning’ where parents are invited in to share their child’s Learning Journey with them.
  • Attending committee meetings to support fund raising ideas or becoming part of the governing body (committee) during our A.G.M
  • Completing feedback sheets and questionnaires to help the staff to improve the provision they provide
  • Supporting our fundraising events throughout the year
  1. Who can I contact for further information?
  • To arrange visits please call Colin & Kath Reynolds on 01273 474979 (out of hours)
  • Call the pre-school direct on 01273 476177 (mornings only)
  • Look on our website Cottagepreschool.co.uk

Disclaimer This offer is accurate now, but services are regularly reviewed and could change. All information will be updated as soon as possible to reflect any new service offer.