Mobile Phone use, Photos and Digital Images


 No photos will be taken without prior knowledge of the parents

 We check that all parents / carers have granted their permission via our consent form for the taking and publishing of any photographs. This will include web usage. The pre-school will ask parents to give permission to take photographs of their child for use on our display boards, learning journeys and for our pre-school website.

  • All children and young people are appropriately dressed for any photography session that is due to take place.
  • Anyone taking photos must have a valid reason for doing so.
  • Any photography session will be organised in advance. Parents/carers will be informed a week in advance and given the opportunity to request their child is not photographed.
  • Parent/carers will be made aware of the photograph policy during events and reminded to only take photos of their own children. They will only be permitted to take photos of another child when their parent is present and has given consent.


The use of mobile phones in the setting is prohibited by all staff, parents/carers and visitors.

Parents and visitors needing to use their mobile phones will be asked to do so outside of the main room, preferably outside the building.

Visitors attending the setting to work with staff or children are permitted to use their phone in the back room away from the children.